Mystery of Bermuda Triangle/ Theories about Bermuda Triangle


Mystery of Bermuda Triangle
Bermuda Triangle

The Bermuda Triangle is a particularly enigmatic region of the sea. There, more than 100 ships and aircraft have vanished. They were never found again. This area lies between Florida in the USA, Puerto Rico, and the country Bermuda in the North, it makes a triangular area. This region encompasses an area larger than 500,000 square miles. There have been reports of the Bermuda Triangle for over 500 years.


In 1942, when Christopher Columbus set out to find the New World, he reported that when he was passing by this area, his compass stopped working. One night, while observing the sky from his ship, he noticed an unusual light, a peculiar light that appeared to be a ball of fire, which he then saw fall from the sky into the water. The mystery began with this, and over the following eras, various titles were given to this region. 

  • The Graveyard of the Atlantic
  • The Sea of Doom
  • Sargasso Graveyard

The 18th and 19th centuries saw the use of these names, although the term "Bermuda Triangle" didn't appear until 1964. In 1964, Vincent H. Gaddis published an article with the title in the publication Argosy. The term "Bermuda Triangle" first appeared in the movie "The Deadly Bermuda Triangle."

In this Article, many disappearances in the Bermuda Triangle over the last several decades were summarized by him. In an effort to create a mystery, he had tried to connect them all. Claiming that there is something peculiar in this area of the ocean, because of which so many aircraft and ships disappear. However, the story did not provide an explanation for why it occurred. But this made the mystery of the Bermuda Triangle the most popular at the time.

US Navy Flight 19:

Five US Navy torpedo bomber aircraft took off from Florida on December 5, 1945, at 10:02 in the afternoon. This mission was called Flight 19. It was a 3 hour long routine At ten minutes past two in the afternoon in December 1945, five U.S. Navy torpedo bombers took off from Florida on a flight called Flight 19 to perform a three-hour routine training mission.  The flight had 14 crew members who were flying for their regular training, being led by a flight leader who was a very experienced pilot and also a war veteran.  

Florida is doing well, and the weather is pretty clear, but about two hours after takeoff, their squadron leader reports that they are suddenly having problems with their comps, their comps stop working or their comps stop working.  They take out the backup comps, but the backup comps also fail, they don't know where their position is, actually, they ask the pilot of the rest of the plane and they are also starting to do their instrument mail function. 

The squadron leader's name is Lt. Charles Carol Taylor and after the comps fail, they hear confusing messages from the radio transmission, Taylor says “Both my compasses are out and I'm trying to find Fort Lauderdale, FL. It is broken, but I am over land. I am sure I’m in the key but I don’t know how far down and I don’t know how to get to Fort Lauderdale” 

US Navy Flight 19
US Navy Flight 19

The weather is getting worse At 4:56 pm evening, Taylor believed that their planes were flying over the Gulf of Mexico, so now they have to fly east to go back to Florida. So now they command all their other planes to fly in an easterly direction, but some of the crews aboard the flights believed that they were already in they needed to fly west, east of Florida. 
Right after this order, one of those planes sent a radio transmission saying “Dammit, if we would just fly west we could get home: head west dammit”. It demonstrates that several crew members thought they had to fly west to return home. But the weather keeps getting worse. Soon, the sun will set, followed by nighttime darkness. It is currently thought that the plans were actually 370 km east of Florida. 
The final radio message from Taylor was at 7:04 p.m. “All planes close up tight, we’ll have to ditch unless land wall when the first plane drops below 10 gallons, we all go down together. After that, all of these five planes disappeared forever To this day, no one knows about these planes, where they are, or what happened to them.


Mysterious Disappearance of Flight 19

Search-and-rescue Mariner aircraft

 After they disappear from Flight 19, a search-and-rescue Mariner aircraft takes off with a group of 13 people on a mission to find Flight 19. But while looking for them, they too disappear. First, 14 people on Flight 19 disappeared, and then 13 people on the Mariner search-and-secure aircraft. For days after this, a large-scale air-and-sea search operation was carried out. One of the largest search operations of the time was to look for both of these flights, but they couldn’t find one. 

Neither did they find the body of any person, nor any part of the aircraft, everything had disappeared. The area where both planes disappeared, is today known these areas as the Bermuda Triangle.


Search-and-rescue Mariner aircraft

American Navy USS Cyclops

American Navy USS Cyclops
American Navy USS Cyclops

In 1918, there was yet another horrible event. One of the biggest and fastest ships of the US Navy USS Cyclops. It was a very important asset for the American Navy, Especially when America began taking part in World War I. It was used to transport the troops and coal. On 4th March 1918, 306 people were aboard the USS Cyclops. 

This ship set off for Brazil from West Indies Baltimore, a city close to Washington. Other than people, this Ship was carrying 11,000 tonnes of manganese. The journey was supposed to take 9 days. The ship's departure went without a hitch. While leaving the ship, the message "Weather fair, all well" was sent in clear weather. 

However, this was the ship's last transmission. There were no updates from this ship following the start of its voyage. It had abruptly vanished, which astonished everyone. How one of the US Navy’s largest could ship a ship this size suddenly vanish?

Ellen Austin Mystery:

In the year 1881, a 210-foot-long ship the Ellen Austin, traveling from London to New York, was quite common for the day, many ships undertook this journey at the time. Ellen Austin, however, ran into an unknown ship as it approached the Bermuda Triangle. This mystery ship appeared entirely normal from the outside, but there was no sign of any individuals within. No crew, no one at all was present. 

The Ellen Austin's captain made the decision to board the vessel to investigate what had transpired. He first sailed alongside the other ship and waited for two days to see if anyone or even a trace of anyone was on board. However, after two days, the other ship made no move to respond. The captain then stepped onto the unknown ship. This new ship had a lot of equipment, and everything was situated where it belonged. 

During that time, people were wary of pirates, they used to be wary of an attack by the pirates, who would steal from this ship. The unidentified ship hadn’t been subjected to this, because all the valuable items of this ship were intact.  This is why the captain of the Ellen Austin made the decision to deploy some of his crew members on board so they could travel with both ships for the first two days, during which both ships made good progress. But then came a storm. Their paths diverged, and the mysterious ship vanished. 

Ellen Austin Mystery

The captain of the Ellen Austin tried to locate the ship when the storm had passed, and using this spyglass, he was able to make out the ship from a distance. When he reached it, there was again no trace of any human aboard the ship. The crew members he had sent from his ship to the other ship, had suddenly disappeared, but the ship was still intact. 

The captain of Ellen Austin tried once again to bring the ship with him and sent some more crew members to steer the ship, but after a few days, there was another storm, and the same thing repeated again. The new crew members on a mystery ship vanish once more once it separates.

Theories about the Bermuda Triangle:

There are many theories for it.

  •  Some people blame the aliens, that aliens had come and abducted the aircraft and ships, and had   taken these with them.
  •   Some people believe that there is a giant sea monster under the ocean that is behind the   disappearance.
  •   Some people claim that this area of the ocean is peculiar and that aircraft and vessels drown   here. These Theories are truly outlandish.

Scientific Theory about the Bermuda Triangle


One of the explanations is based on magnetism, the thing is that the North Pole of Earth and the magnetic North Pole, are two distinct points. So when you look towards the North on a Compass, the compass is pointing towards the magnetic North Pole. However, the actual North Pole is nearby. It is referred to as the actual North Pole. The distinction between the geographical and magnetic north poles.

Earth megnatgic feild

People typically consider this when using the compass, as they have done for centuries. But there are some areas on the Earth, if you use a compass in these areas, you would find the Magnetic and Geographic North Pols at the same place. The places where this happens are known as the Agonic Lines. 

Agonic Lines of Earth
Agonic lines

The Agonic lines shift with time, but for the last 200-300 years, the 0° line has been around or in the area of the Bermuda Triangle. This basically creates confusion. The Bermuda Triangle's shallowness is the second peculiar feature of this region.

Shallow Waters & Hidden Shoals:

Shallow Waters

This region of the ocean has shallow seas, and it is very large. Due to the shallow waters, it is reported that in the past, when ships arrived in this location, they would become stuck. The areas beneath the water where Hidden Shoals were located were fairly high. But the ships could not see it. When the ship was atop the area, they would get stuck there.



The third Peculiarity, this area has one of the largest rated hurricanes in the world.  This area gets hurricanes and water sprouts more frequently.

Methane Hydrates:

Methane Hydrates: There are enormous fields of methane hydrates in several oceanic regions. Scientists in Australia carried out lab tests where they discovered that when the density of the water decreases due to an excess of methane bubbles, a ship's buoyancy cannot be maintained and the ship sinks. If there is methane in the water, it is hypothesized that methane eruptions in the water are also referred to as mud volcanoes if there is methane in the water, which is hypothesized to be the case. 

Methane Hydrates

When undersea volcanoes explode. When methane is released, if a ship is passing over the location at the time, the ship will immediately and silently sink into the water. This is an intriguing theory, however, none of the disappearances in the Bermuda Triangle had any concrete proof that a specific incidence was caused by methane hydrates. 

undersea volcanoes in Bermuda Triangle

This is simply a scientifically proven thing that exists, but to have actually caused the disappearances of any ship has not been proven yet.  

Theory of Human Psychology:

The fifth explanation is the most important, it is related to human psychology this is known as the Baader-Meinhof Effect, or the frequency illusion. The Baader-Meinhof effect or the frequency illusion is a sap psychological effect. According to this, we begin to locate things around us more frequently as soon as we begin to notice them more. Although it is true that some large aircraft and boats vanished in the Bermuda Triangle, you may have observed that similar disappearances of aircraft and ships have also occurred in locations other than the Bermuda Triangle. 


The thing is that When people came across the mystery of the Bermuda Triangle, people started paying more attention to the disappearances and incidents there, incidents taking place around the Bermuda Triangle.

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